My Secret Strategy to rank Niche Blogs : Link Wheel

SEO is dynamic and from last one decade SEO changed a lot but still backlinks is one of most important ranking factor of Google.

Every year, link building gets harder.

We argue about new factors that may outweigh it in Google’s eyes, but still, we keep building links.

Great content,user engagement,social shares, promotion and good quality natural backlinks are good for ranking your long term blog on awesome search terms because google gets idea that this is awesome content.

but what about amazon affiliate niches, click bank or any others niche blog ?

It’s very difficult to get natural backlinks for your niche sites and this happened with me too.

Well, I don’t wait for natural backlinks, I build my backlinks my self.

I’m going to share you very powerful & effective way to rank your site on the top of google.

If you will follow my steps you will definitely rank #1 #2 spot for your niche sites. ( if your targeted keyword difficultly is not high )

It’s doesn’t matter whether you have 10 months experience or 10 years experience.

Before going ahead take a look,

  • 15 November 2016, I implemented this on a new niche site.
  • 15 December 2016, I was on 2nd and 3rd pages on targeted keywords.
  • 15 January 2017, I’m on 1st page on my all targeted keywords.

niche blog is rankingNow : I’m improving my ranking.

and here is income of newly created clickbank account

clickbank earnings

This is my new blog and earnings decent but not too much. I’m not promoting a very good product. I think you can do better than me and you can make thousand of dollars passive income.

So, What am I doing for this ?
Answer : Link Wheel Creation

What is Link Wheel ?    

Suppose you have 6 web 2.0 blogs A,B,C,D,E,F. Now you have to link your blog A to B, B to C, C to D, D to E, E to F reciprocally and create wheel. From all blogs you have to give a link to your money site.

So, Link Wheel is basically a wheel of links which is created by using web 2.0 sites.

How to create these web 2.0 blogs for Link wheel ?

STEP 1 : Create email account

Few people recommend to use separate email for every web 2.0 site but i think we need not worry about IP because we creating our web 2.0 on different website together.

The only IP google can see is the actual web 2.0 For example : Tumblr, Wix etc.

So, You can use your default email for your web 2.0 sites

STEP 2 : Create web 2.0 sites

Here is list of 50 web 2.0 site.

List of 50 Web 2.0 site 

By using these you have to create site like this


So, If your targeted keyword is “NIKON 50mm lens” then your web 2.0 sites would be


STEP 3 : Content for web 2.0 sites

Google wants to see good, relevant, authority sites on tier one (Linked to your site).

Spun content will doesn’t help you.

I recommend you to write unique content for your all web 2.0s. This will be perfect. If you don’t wants to write contents for your web 2.0 then you can outsource.

Don’t publish your all article in one day or two day. You should maintain frequency.

Here is checklist for better content

  • Content length should be 300-400 characters.
  • Use keyword in title
  • Use keyword in permalink
  • Use keyword in first paragraph
  • Use keyword as image alt tag
  • at least one high authority outbound link’ 
  • Create Mandatory Pages that’s create About us, Contact, Privacy Policy.

STEP 4 : Backlinks for web 2.0 sites

Once you created web 2.0 sites, created unique contents you have to take backlinks your on your money site and other web 2.0 site ( for creating a wheel).

Your anchor text should be lil bit  different in all web 2.0 something like this :

Nikon 50mm prime lens
Best Nikkor prime lens

Use your targeted keyword in anchor text of web 2.0 sites.

Also add one relevant site authority for making your site genuine in Google’s eyes.

Now your web 2.0 are ready and now you will learn how to create “Link Wheel

How to create Link Wheel ?

After creating your web 2.0 blogs you have to create connect your all blogs and money site as well. It’s little tough to understand with words so for explaining it I have created a very beautiful picture.

link wheel creation

Here A, B,C,D,E,F  are web 2.0 sites & Z is your money site

This is one of the simplest method to create link wheel.

Now I’ll show you complex link wheel strategy and this is known as advance link wheel strategy and this is too much helpful.


Ping your Backlinks

Lots of bloggers & SEOs don’t know that over 60-70 % Backlinks are worthless.

Yeah It’s True ! Google don’t index your all Backlinks, Google Needs To Decide If Your Links Are Valuable Or Not..


There are many reasons behind this such as low quality link, low content etc.

Link Building is tough work, It takes time and after building your links if you don’t get Link back this is waste of your time and effort.

You can’t just build links and stop there..!

There are many ways to index Backlinks but i don’t wanna to tell you complicated methods just for making a long content or a small commission.

Here I’m going to tell you easiest way to to index your Backlinks in 1 click in few minutes and It’s 100% free.

  • Go to This Link Centaur
  • Choose Free plan and then create account.
  • After creating account create a campaign.
  • Once you created campaign click on “Add Links” and submit your all URLs one by one ( See screenshot)

You can also upload .txt file if you want.

In Free Plan you can ping 50 backlinks a day i think this is enough for submit your all web 2.0

You can upgrade this tool if you want to submit more URLs.

Over to you :

i know it's boring but this helped me to rank my blog.

If you will use this link wheel technique you will rank your niche site and make good passive income.

If you think this post was helpful for you. Share it on social sites with your friends

If you have any doubt, query or suggestions..comment..below 

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Vishal Darsheel

Vishal Darsheel is founder of Blogforgeek.com. He teaches people to make living on internet. He Blog about Blogging, SEO & Social Media.

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Achintam Karmakar - last year

Hey, Vishal!

The post is quite short as compared to other post on different blogs on the same topic.
What I feel personal, your one is far better with brief but deeply explained content!

Keep posting such article;-)

    Vishal Darsheel - last year

    Hi Achintam,
    Glad you liked it.

    I will post regularly.

    Thanks for your comment..!

Taposh Kapuria - last year

Hi Vishal,

Great post. I want to use the first method. So if I give a link from site A to site B, C, D, iE, they should also link back to site E>D>C>B>A AND definitely money site. Am I correct? Also, I want to publish 400 words article.

Also, If i success, i will make a post on my site and add you. Many times i have uses many link wheels But it’s worthless for me that time. No result. Again going to try with new hope.

Thank You

    Vishal Darsheel - last year

    Try it you will see result soon.

    Thanks for your comment.

sachin yadav - last year

nice work man.
i will try this on my event blog and tell about the result.

Priyanshu Raj - last year

Hey Vishal, I’m quite impressed with your both posts you posted. I’ve few questions regarding this, As I already read a lot about Web 2.0 and also many fellow Bloggers suggests to Create one Web 2.0 with one Email; What’s your Views on that? Also, How many backlinks do you suggest to make for One Web 2.0? Also Gaining Authority to Web 2.0 takes some time, What to do for Events?

    Vishal Darsheel - last year

    Hi Priyanshu,
    Thanks for appreciate my work !

    1. Yes, you can use same email address for your all web 2.0 sites.

    2. It depends on competition. Well I don’t recommend you to waste your time in building Backlinks of web 2.0. You can get 30 high authority (DA &PA 30+) expired web 2.0 in less than $5.

    3. For event blogs there is no need to build web 2.0 and link wheel etc. steal competitors Backlinks and take Side-wide that’s it..

HindIndia - last year

Thanks for sharing such a nice article ….. Really amazing post!! 🙂

    Vishal Darsheel - last year

    Thanks !
    Well you should use your name in comment otherwise Google consider you as SPAM. Take care !

Amul Sharma - last year

Hello Vishal bro.

This is amazing post, share more stuff like this.

    Vishal Darsheel - last year

    Glad you liked it.

    I’ll try to post regularly.

Seo Guy - last year

Hai Vishal,

You had written very valuable post.Regarding to this post I had few doubts regarding rankings & backlinks.

1)To your niche site you had created only link wheel backlinks or you craeted other backlink along link wheel ?If yes tell us about them.

2) In total how many blogs you used for link wheel ?

3) What is the keyword difficulty of your targeted keywords ? If you not checked difficulty earlier then find now on kwfinder & tell us the keyword difficulty of your keywords ?

Seo Guy

    Vishal Darsheel - last year

    Thanks for your kind words.
    Kindly use your real name while commenting.

    Here is my answer :

    1. That blog content others Backlinks (dofollow + relevant) too but Referring Domains (RD) is less than 12-15.

    3. I targeted 3 primary keyword and competition level was between 25-30 (SEMrush).

      Seo Guy - last year

      You had skipped my second question ? & did you used pbn links along with link wheel ?

        Vishal Darsheel - last year

        Usually, I don’t share about my niche sites So, I skipped 2.

        Well, I have created it only one time.

        & yeah not PBN.

Sachin - last year

I want to know from where we have to make backlinks for this 2.0 Websites???


    Vishal Darsheel - last year

    Web 2.0 sites matrices increase so fast without any much work.

    No need to create Backlinks for web 2.0 sites if you competition is less.

    Anyway, You can make dofollow comments Backlinks, response Backlinks for web 2.0 site.

Gaurab - last year

Doesnt creating link wheel leave footprint for google to traverse….since it has a defined circular pattern and is not natural and can easily be articulated.
Does not it increase the risk of penalty?

    Vishal Darsheel - last year

    This is grey hat technique and worked for me..

Envy - last year

Hi Vishal, thanks for this great tutorial. BTW I have a question, making web 2.0 backlinks also effect youtube videos ranking or not? Hope you would reply soon.


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