Event Blogging : My Experience & Tips to Rank

Blogging takes time !
It requires dedication, patience, and hustle but when we talk about event blogging this cut down definition of Blogging.

Yeah In event blogging we can make money instantly. It’s quite popular in newbie and intermediate blogger. Few of them are also making money but most of them are not making much.

From last 6-7 months i created many event blogs and In this post I’ll tell you about my experience and why i don’t recommend to do it.

I’ll also tell you major ranking factors which helped me rank event blog.

​You are here ! You must be knowing  What is Event Blogging ?  but let me explain it briefly for them who don’t know.

Event Blog is niche blog which is created for receive huge amount of traffic on any specific event such as festival or result. In Simple words in event blogging we target New year 2017 or JEE mains 2017 results etc. keywords and we try to rank and bank.

I hope you are clear Now Let’s me continue…

Almost 7 months ago somehow i knew about event blogging and this was very interesting for me.

Can i earn 1000-2000$ a day ? Oh great started it with lots of expectations.

I created an event blog using Blogger with custom domain. Now creating Backlinks was main issue and you know very well that everyone is stealing competitors Backlinks and i also did the same.

comment baclinks

I found lots of dofollow auto approve comments sites and started making Backlinks. I also made lots of response Backlinks by using Footprints.

I created 3000+ Backlinks in less than 30 days by 120+ Referring Domains (RD) but after grinding 40 days I failed to rank this blog on first page.

Now, I researched a lot why others websites ranking and why i didn’t rank.

I found there are many reasons but biggest reason was domain age. Yeah It’s still one of the biggest ranking factor and my domain was very new so i didn’t preformed well in search engine.

After analyzing various things I was pretty sure. There is nothing which will stop me to rank my blog and started a new blog by 1 year old domain ( not EMD, I don’t think this is helpful too much now).

Again Started the same Backlinks strategy i.e. Stealing Competitors Backlinks. After doing this i was happy to see my results i was on 1st page of google on my targeted keywords.

I updated my post by adding few paragraphs and images and created more Backlinks and improved my ranking.

Now my position was very good. I was very happy to see my ranking but on event day few sites came on first page of google and they outranked me.

Now, I was hopelessness. I worked very hard, i ranked my sites on first page but i made only 45$.

after being outranked i found 5-6 site are authority sites such as India.com and the Hindu etc. and they were ranking due to high authority and few of them were event blog & they were ranking due to Site-wide Links.

So, the key behind ranking was Site-wide Link.

Few of them also redirect old page to new page and then they try to rank. This is helpful but It’s risky.

Finally, I got the whole concept and ranked on many events (festivals & exam) and made good amount of money.

I’m not going to share whole process how to create event and how to make Backlinks because those things are already available in many sites.

Here I’ll tell you some keys which help me to rank and maintain rank of event blogs.

  • Take old domain for events, If you don’t wanna take old domain then buy at least 6 months before event.
  • Most Important factor of ranking event is Backlinks. Make backlinks more than competitors.
  • Don’t hesitate to do keyword stuffing actually this will help a lot.
  • Take Sitewide before 1 week of event. – Most Important.
  • Comment in Top Comment Enable blog – It’s sitewide 😉
  • Start Indexing Your Backlinks before few days of event.

Why I don’t Recommend you to do event blogging?

I have made lots of money by event blogging but i don’t recommend to do it, Here I will explain you why.

Spamming :

Event blogging is type of spamming in which we work opposite to google terms and conditions that’s we do Keyword Stuffing, Side-wide, Create Spam Links.

We Create Event Sites with intent to make money not to help our readers. for example if we create results site for event we don’t actually help our readers.

In my opinion we shouldn't ​do blackhat and spam things for money.

Competitors  :

Usually In event blogging I have found only 4-5 bloggers makes money and rest fail to make money.

For example :- If you are targeting “SSC Results 2017” then on this keyword you will find only 3 or 4 events blog and rest are authority blogs and you can’t outrank them easily.

So, If you are creating an event blog your winning percentage is very low. You will find many blogs on 2nd to 10th page that do very hard work but they don’t make a single dime except few.

I have seen lots of bloggers teach you about event blogging. In my opinion they are doing this more complicated.

For example firstly 5 event blogger were making money and after teaching them. Will it increase ?
Definitely not.

Actually only competition will increase. Firstly they were able to rank in 500 Backlinks and now they will rank on 5000 Backlinks.

So, In any case less no. of peoples can make money though blogging and most of them FAIL.

Niche Blogging is better

Creating event blog, making thousands Backlinks and socials signals and then after being failed. This is story of many bloggers.

Why are you doing event blogging if you can do better than this ?
Yeah in my opinion, You should create niche blog rather than creating event blog. I have many niche blog now and i make passive income by those niche.

You can easily find less competitive Affiliate or AdSense Niche and you can make money though it. Believe me !

You should look for long term and by doing niche blogging you can make money for a long run.

Low AdSense CPC :

Google don’t like event based Blogs and they decrease CPC of events blogs.

event blogging troll

Usually you will find on event date your CPC would be 0.02$ to 0.09$.

Sometimes You will loose your AdSense. Yeah your adsense account can be ban by doing event blogging

Fake People :

I have seen lots of people on social media, share fake screenshot. I don’t know why they do such things but i know most of them are fake.

We shouldn’t trust on them they are cheating with you.

If you are thinking to become a successful blogger then follow good people learn about content marketing, growth hacking, affiliate marketing etc. rather than learning spam things.

Last Words

Now a days, Lots of newbies are doing event blogging &after doing hard work they are not able to make money.They demotivate and few quit blogging soon. I would like to tell that blogging needs patience & passion. They should learn good things rather than learning these spam and blackhat things.

This is my first post and if you liked this post then share it on social sites. 

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Vishal Darsheel

Vishal Darsheel is founder of Blogforgeek.com. He teaches people to make living on internet. He Blog about Blogging, SEO & Social Media.

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Naveen Dagar - last year

Awesome Article

Hublaa - last year

so that’s the real fact of event blogging ?

Priyanshu Raj - last year

Do you think Keyword Stuffing is good Nowadays? I don’t think Keyword Stuffing is good.

    Vishal Darsheel - last year

    Yeah keyword stuffing still helpful.

    And people are doing this for short term blog.
    Ex. Search in Google : Republic day Images

    You will finds most of them are ranking and they are doing keyword stuff too.

    Let me know more questions if you have !

Prabhat Jani - last year


and cpc 😛

mohammed asif - last year

By the way u shared the awesome stuff some true points according to you which one is good.event or long term blog

    Vishal Darsheel - last year

    It depends on you which you prefer and in which you are passionate.

    In my opinion long term blogging is better. 😀

anish - last year

awesome post vishal bro thanx for sharing.

    Vishal Darsheel - last year

    Well, I’ll provide good stuff regularly.

Jai Gupta - last year

Great article, Nicely elaborated.
Two days back only, I had shared the very same words with an aspiring newbie event blogger.
I know failing in first 1-2 blogs is natural, well failing with events demotivates…
Yeah it makes people think from 1000s to Zero.
So, I also go with long term blogs or micro niche blogs.

As it’s your first article, I would like to cheer you as you make this valuable post
and wish best for your blog 😉

Atish Ranjan - last year

Nice one, Vishal. Keep up the good work. Good luck for your new venture!

Hitesh Rawat - last year

Awesome post, don’t looks like a first post. 🙂

Swadhin Agrawal - last year

Hi Vishal,
Congratulations on the new blog. I hope you post your experience and other tips making it stand out in the crowd. Wishing you all the luck.

Abhishek Jain - last year

Hi Vishal

This guide is quite helpful and explains completely that why should you need not to go behind event blogging. I appreciate your effort.


Neeraj - last year

Really amazing Post brother!!

Helps me alot.. Thanks Vishal for such an great effort 🙂

    Vishal Darsheel - last year

    Thanks Neeraj, Share with your friends and make this post helpful for others too.

Rashmi - last year

Awesome Post, even great tricks you share here that hide by PRO. Hope so you will share such stuff regularly. Once again Thanks to share.

Robert Rome - last year

It was an awesome post and I agree with your few points.
Yes long term niche blogs are best.

Great start Vishal, long way to go.

Rajendra Kumar - last year

Hi, Vishal
Thanks a lot for sharing your valuable experience. As an event blogger, I faced many wrong things as Site Deindexing, Adsense Baned, etc. Many of time I worked hard for that, and last time, I got kicked by authority sites. I totally agree with you and also say that event bloggers working as a “Professnol Thief”. Don’t mind event bloggers. Overall you shared such as an awesome article. Pls, keep posting and sharing for next time.

Vignesh - last year

Wonderful article bro. Really you share some of the hidden truth behind the event blogging.

    Vishal Darsheel - last year

    Thanks for your comments.
    Glad you liked it.

Srihari - last year

Hey ! Buddy its awesome post by the way am one of the victim of CPC I managed to rank my event site but failed to bank ! My traffic literally touched 1L+ but hardly made 89$ if u wish to share screens please let me know .

    Vishal Darsheel - last year

    Thanks for your valuable comment and share your experience.

Jugnu - last year

Great Article bro

Achintam Karmakar - last year

Awesome article Bruh!
While i started to read your article at first glance i thought you would pull the same as other bloggers are doing and explain how to rank event and all that.
but the way you turned up the article that was pretty awesome.

Bill - last year

I have been browsing online more than 2 hours today, yet I never found any interesting article like yours.
It is pretty worth enough for me. Personally, if all website owners and bloggers made good content as you
did, the web will be much more useful than ever before.

Sachin - last year

Nice post about event blogging.
You are very right bhai.

Sonu - last year

Superb guide about Event Blogging. Learned a lot today!

Anuj Godara - last year

awesome bro…
you perfect in blogging…

Vijay Kumar - last year

Awesome article Vishal, You’re right, niche blogging is far better than event blogging.

Hamington M - last year

Great post to get more knowledge about blogging. Thanks for sharing, Keep sharing.

Rajesh - last year

awesome post and awesome experience with you dude

    Vishal Darsheel - last year

    Thanks Rajesh.

    More awesome post are coming, stay tuned 🙂

Satish Kushwaha - last year

Impressive writing skill .. 👌
Full on

Shubham - last year

Wow Awesome Post Bro on Event Blogging

Amol sarise - last year

Hey @Vishal,

Amazing post bro. I learn new things from your arricle.

Thank for sharing! Keep up tha good work.

Mridul Chaudhary - 10 months ago

Awesome article but event blogging is still good if you will target Tier 1 country EVENT !!.

Rajesh Royal - 8 months ago

Bhai same happened with me I made only $5 on diwali event blog by 3 months hard work. Thanks for sharing your experience.


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